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Social Media Spot is social media agency specialized in PR and social media marketing. Our goal is to raise your online presence by developing and applying well planned marketing strategies. We have individual and dynamic approach by working one on one with each of our clients, raising awareness of their brand, products or services through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
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First impressions are vital. Even if you’re not aware of it, that’s usually how you decide whether you like someone or something or not. When you look at someone, your first impression usually decides if you’re going to be friends. It’s very similar to social media. Your design is the first thing your clients and customers see, and this makes it very important. You’re supposed to use it smartly: attract them with modern and unique design, show what your brand really represents, keep it simple and user-friendly, make it attractive. Make people want to show your page to their friends. Make them scroll through your page looking for more content. Make them impatient for new posts. Make them like and share. Make them come back.


Today, web design is as important as the content your page offers. Before they even read the articles and watch the videos, your potential clients and customers pay attention to what your page looks like, what colors you’re using, if every option is easy to find... Social networks make it even easier to find info, choose products, order them. So, you should definitely have an excellent social media strategy and smart design for your page or your profile, so you’re able to grab anyone’s attention in no time. All the platforms that you use should suit your brand and represent it accurately. This means that you need to pay particular attention not just to the content you post, but how you post it as well.

Sometimes it’s best to hire professionals if you want to make sure everything’s in place. The lack of time and skills necessary for this can be bad for business and your brand image, and you could lose potential customers. This is where professionals can help. What exactly do they do? What should your design look like?

ORIGINAL AND UNIQUE. First of all, the professionals you’re hiring are experienced, and they know what people like. This helps with creating a unique and innovative design that will make your pages and profiles look different among all the others, stand out and attract more and more clients every day. It’s no secret that it isn’t easy to find and create a unique design now that there are millions and billions of pages on social media, but creative minds can always come up with something new and exciting that hasn’t been seen before.

RELEVANT. The design you choose for your social media platforms should be consistent. What does this mean? It should represent your brand the best way possible, and it should be appropriate for your product or service. It should make people remember it and associate it with your products. For example, the design used for a baby clothes online shop will definitely be different from a page that sells copy machines for offices. Baby blue ads wouldn’t actually make the latter look very serious, would it?

OPTIMIZED. High-quality content is essential for your social media platforms because the users don’t like to waste their time watching low-quality videos and they definitely don’t share low-quality photos on their timelines. An appropriate image format is crucial for the grand design of your page, so a professional will find the best graphics program to optimize the size and the quality of all the photos and videos you choose to share with your audience. A skilled designer can also help you create your own, original images and videos that will increase your brand awareness and improve the content on your page.

PERSONALIZED. Knowing your audience is one of the critical elements here. If you know exactly what they love and gladly share, you will be able to adapt your content and design to that. This way, your targeted market receives even more content with attractive composition and exciting features, and this means only one thing: more clicks, likes, comments and shares and, thus, more customers.

social media design

Having this in mind, you will certainly take your time to choose the best layout for all the platforms you’re using and invest in sound design for your social media. What we can do for you is create it in a very professional way and make it easy for you to build a recognizable and unique design scheme. Every element of the platforms you’re on can be used to show your brand’s personality and attract more followers with great design, so we create fantastic cover photos, uniquely branded posts, exciting videos to make your page look as fabulous as possible! All these elements that fit together perfectly will make people remember you in no time!

facebook book coverFacebook, as the largest social platform, counts over 2 billion users worldwide. For you, as a business owner, this means that all of your present and potential customers are out there.

Learn how to be successful on Facebook and stand out among the competition. This Step By Step FACEBOOK SUCCESS GUIDE will teach you how to:

- Set up correctly your business page
- write the highest engaging content
- create contests and sweepstakes on FB
- create effective Facebook Ads
- monitor your page by using Facebook Analytics
- obtain clicks for less money
- achieve targeted growth

And much more valuable content on 76 illustrated pages!

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3. Review The Process You are always aware of the whole process and we are able to evaluate the results.

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