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Complete creation of your business social media profile in more than 50 social networks.
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Daily, bi-weekly or weekly posting of your news and activities.
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Replies, communication and complete interaction with your followers.
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Powerful, affordable graphic design for your campaigns.
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Social Media Spot is social media agency specialized in PR and social media marketing. Our goal is to raise your online presence by developing and applying well planned marketing strategies. We have individual and dynamic approach by working one on one with each of our clients, raising awareness of their brand, products or services through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Profile Creation
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Social Media User Engagement
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • Newsletter Campaigns
  • Statistic Analysis & Consulting
  • Blog Posting
  • Blog Sharing
  • Land Pages Design


Social Media Services Queens

We offer a large number of services for you and your company

twitter outreach

Twitter as a powerful platform for online conversations can help to get your business in front of large audience. Twitter will help to build up relationships with current and potential customers. The possibilities of the network to “tweet” the information is the means to expand the community of your customers.

Identification of Specific Search Terms of Your Business

Our team is experienced in online communication and social media links. We have examined and analyzed the types of online conversations between different categories of people. Besides, we studied the kinds of most popular tweets. Working on behalf of your business, we will analyze the most popular tweets and key phrases for it. The Community Manager of your team will use this data to create a list of common terms and phrases related to your business. This list will help your customers to find the information about your products and services easily. With its help we can help you to find local Twitter users who could be interested in your services.
As soon as Community Manager completes the list of words and phrases for tweets, we will scan Twitter conversations between your neighbors to find the people potentially interested in your business. Based on this we create the list of potential customers in your local area. Further, we start conversations and build relations with potential customers to engage them into your business. Every response of the Community Manager to a tweet is the creating of a conversation with current or potential customer. Besides, every such response is personalized on behalf of your brand.

content requests

All the special events that you plan for business promotion should be announced. The advertising is among the ways to attract more customers to your business. Our Content Specialist Team will help you to create a special announcement for any of your planned business event.

The design experts will produce the posts appropriate for different events and conditions and implement them on your social media pages to inform the customers about the news and updates of your business.
Besides, the Team will be also responsible for the design and optimization of your email marketing strategy for communication with customers through email. They will fill it with appropriate signature and contacts to make it bright, useful and easy to remember.

Social Media Community Management

The responsibility of your team is not only to post attractive content to your pages. The social media page gives the opportunity to engage people into meaningful conversation. Our team will manage such conversations in order to manage the community of your current and potential customers. The technology used by your dedicated writer will help them to respond timely to all the comments on your pages. The writer is responsible for authentic responses to every single comment or wall post. Timely and authentic responses are the guarantees of successful online conversation and successful cooperation.


We will manage the social networks that matter

Every business requires a marketing plan for its promotion. We guarantee the implementation of your plan with the help of 2–3 attractive posts per week on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
Online interaction in social networks can grow to a lifelong cooperation. That is why we work on the demonstration of your presence on all of the social networks, which can be interesting for your customers. Such presence and interaction can become an effective advertisement for your business. Social networks allow you to represent the business in the most attractive ways and involve more customers. Besides, the networks give the opportunity to discover your online community, the interests of your customers and the desires of potential customers. Also, such work allows creating online conversations with current and potential customers across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Foursquare. Since the online work will be done by our team, you receive the possibility to save you valuable time and manage live meetings with other customers.

Brand Kit Creation

First of all, we examine your current brand and propose an action plan with realistic, scheduled achievements. After analysis of your business from different sides, the team of Brand Planners starts their work on the creation of customized brand kit to represent you for your customers. Together with Engineering Team we use unique tools to build your image in social networks. Color pairings, typefaces, and business descriptions appear as the online representation of your business and extend the community of your customers. The building of the cohesive brand rises your status within the market of your services.
Brand Kit creation starts the implementation of a 90-day action plan for your business promotion. The plan is the opportunity for you to monitor every day of the work of our team.

Platform Optimization

Next, the enhancement of social media platforms will ensure you and your customers that we are able to create authentic content for your pages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Foursquare. The content will include captivating descriptions of your local business with adding bright photos and designing an attractive logo. Such updates will become the optimization of social media platforms for business promotion.
Our Platform Specialist will update your ’business’ Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and monitor them to troubleshoot any technical issues. Besides, the Specialist will make sure that your online profiles in social media look professional and polished.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Content

After the optimization and upgrading your social media profiles, the Community Managers will start to post content addressed to the targeting auditory of your business pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Our Community Managers are creative writers capable of creating the right mixture of appropriate page content to keep the page followers informed and entertained. Based on the previous research and analysis of your brand they know the customers’ interests and demands and the most attractive ways to present your business. The managers will post various content to satisfy diverse demands of the audience. It will include photos, graphics, tips, questionnaires, advice, and articles to provoke the customers to create online conversations.


Customer Service 95%
Business Satisfaction 75%
Overall Rating 85%
Marketing Skills 72%
Brand Awareness 95%
Sales Strength 87%


You can Trust Us. See What We Have Done

10,079 Social Posts
870,000 New Engagements
320 Campaigns Run
2,314 Hours of Work

Our Easy Steps To Success

Let’s start making your social media your best tool today
1. Develop A Social Media Plan Working together we elaborating on targeting the correct group for your business.
2. Planning For Success Based on your budget we are creating your campaigns.
3. Review The Process You are always aware of the whole process and we are able to evaluate the results.

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