It seems that 2017 will be an interesting year for Facebook and Instagram marketers. As more the businesses realize the importance of their presence at social networks, that much social platforms are trying to improve their users’ experience.

When it comes to Facebook and Instagram, (the two platforms that “live under the same roof”), Mark Zuckerberg and his team are working on giving the businesses and their audiences a full customer service and sales experience. Take a glance into some of predicted changes and innovations on Facebook and Instagram for 2017… 


According to the words of Mike Stelzner, the founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner, in 2017 Facebook will most probably buy a major television network, or start its own from the scratch. You have noticed that your FB newsfeed is a bit “crowded”. We get to see the new posts only from the people or pages that we are engaged with, not from all our friends like before. This is happening because there are so many users on Facebook with a tendency to grow even more. When it comes to business pages they struggle with a reach and tend to use more videos and live videos in order to be seen by more people. Therefor, this social platform will need to extend into a new media channels something like Google did. There are already indications that Facebook will prepare programming on FB Live. By launching their own cable TV they will target mainly high profit industries such as sports and consumer goods.


Yelp beware! Facebook is diving deeper into ratings/ reviews customer service feature.  Yelp’s presence at the market among the small businesses is well known. Now, Facebook continues to expand its local search achievements thanks to detailed user data which is in  their possession . This will solve a current big issue with ratings and reviews. That  is trustworthiness. Finally, due to expansive reach of this platform new rating system will be soon adopted by both: consumers and businesses  .


At the moment , Facebook Groups have higher reach than Facebook Pages.  This will eventually change. They will introduce paid ads for FB  Groups as well. That means all of you that have created a group will need to have more strategic approach on handling the one. On the other hand, Facebook is infusing the online communities and forums with a social features such as: likes for content, user tagging , post updates etc.


Some third party tools will be available for Facebook live that will improve the quality of a video,  as well as possibility to implement a call to action. Also, monetization of live video is coming.  This means that ads will be integrated into a live stream just like on YouTube.

Live video with  new technologies available from Facebook, will help a marketers to make live stream close to professional news organizations allowing them to engage live with their audience.


 Facebook will increase their options in terms whom marketers can target and retarget. There is a new engagement feature that allows us to target the audience that has interacted with our page, on any way, the past 365 days. This feature applies for Custom Audience creation and is already in testing phase. Furthermore, they will continue to bring in more advertising features which will be great for businesses that “have mastered” FB Advertising. These pages will benefit from lower advertising costs and better ROI (Return of Investment).


The Chat Bot is a service designed to simulate a conversation with humans.  In 2017 the usage of chat bots will be in expansion. Messenger has over 1 billion users monthly, and it is more likely for someone to pay attention on the message sent inbox, rather than to read an e-mail. What does it mean for ambitious marketers? This means that customer service and sales will be centralized in one place - on a messenger. In another words, Chat Bot takes over the customer service and initiates a conversation , answers the questions or promotes some product or services.  In close future, fans can send the message to some business page and complete the purchase directly  through the  messenger.


 It has become obvious that Mark Zuckerberg is trying to push the Snapchat out of game.  The InstaStories are taking  more market share over Snapchat stories. The biggest difference between the two is that InstaStories are easier to connect with other platforms(Facebook) while Snapchat Stories don’t give such an option. Story flow and video options on Instagram  will improve furthermore.

Also, they are  testing the  Shoppable  Product Tags which will allow to a person to get all the information about the product, directly by clicking on the tag without leaving the platform.


 Right now, 48% of brands are on Instagram and there is a projection of 70% in 2017. The mobile ad revenues, as predicted, will reach $ 2.81 billions. This is how they will do it:

The Reply feature will be positioned down from original comment

-       Instagram Live will be savable for 24 hours

-       There will be more filter options for Instagram Stories, as well as integration with Hyperlapse and Boomerang

*Speaking about Live Videos and Instagram Stories, you can not use the music on the background if you don’t have the legal right to use it. In that case it violates the Copyright Law and might have legal consequences .

 It seems that 2017 will be an interesting year for Facebook and Instagram marketers. As more the businesses realize the importance of their presence at social networks, that much social platforms are trying to improve their users’ experience.