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Long-term apartment rental company located in the Austrian Alps. Their philosophy relies upon their motto “Built for sophisticated tastes.” With extraordinary and beautiful interior design, modern equipment, surrounded by breathtaking mountains and nature, they offer many activities including pools, skiing, hiking, and other.


We created a strategy for all three major social media platforms from the ground up. TheHeimat wanted the campaign which will represent the business to their target audience. Social Media Spot was required to do a social media proofing, increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, gain 5-star reviews on Facebook, increase engagement and to connect with potential and existing customers.  


We started with identifying their target audience and finding which social media platforms are the most suitable for their business. Creating compelling content, branded posts, everyday publishing, and unique design tone. Posting relevant and engaging content with links to the website we routed traffic to the site. We developed great communication with our fanbase and motivated them to leave the highest grade for the brand. Interaction and regular posting was the main trigger of increased engagement.


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  • Impressions 1,037,396
  • landing page visits 15,407
  • comments 866
  • shares 859
  • reactions 8,994

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