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Do you want to learn how to work on your social media accounts by yourself? Perhaps, you would enjoy learning the secret of creating the effective Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Ads?. We offer one-on-one training on how to properly set up your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest pages. Also, we will teach you how to use Facebook Ads Manager, the ins and outs of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Advertising. You will learn how to run ads and interpret analytics in order to recognize what is working.

- One 45-minute session $35 add to cart
- Three-session Ads Intensive $89.95 (most popular): add to cart
- Six-session Ads Expert $174.95: add to cart

How does it work?

To schedule your session, first, purchase one of the desired courses. Once the payment is received, you will get the mail with open hours and pick the times that fit your schedule. If you decide to choose 3 or 6 session package the most effective is having a lesson once a week. This is our suggestion, but we can always work together in deciding for the frequency of the session that will fulfill your needs. The training is held over Skype, which enables you to follow the sessions from wherever might be convenient for you.

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