We offer you to assemble the team of highly qualified experts, with access to unique technologies, who will work on the new ways to find, engage, and please the customers in their unique ways.

Our team manages the significant social networks as we consider them important for online interaction with potential customers that can lead to a lifelong cooperation. That is why we will promote your active participation in online discussions within various social networks popular among your customers. Such approach helps to create additional ties to the targeting community and promote new business. Multi-functional team of writers, designers, and technical experts will work on the growth of your business online.

Attract New Customers

We monitor your business online. Besides, our team takes responsibility for the increase in impressions of average customer starting from the first days of cooperation. In this way, we attract new customers and promote your business.

Save Time

Cooperation with our team saves an average of 20 hours per week of your working time spent on social media management and online communication. We take care about new customer outreach and correspondence with them.

How does it work?

We provide you with personal account manager who becomes your representative online. The manager will become your point of contact, and the administrator of a team of writers, designers, and technicians, ready to work on your behalf and take care about your customers online. In this way, we release extra time for you to deal with other personal or professional issues.

Step by Step Cooperation

Step One

We analyze the development of your business and create an action plan and a brand kit for you.
Based on the strong sides and weaknesses of your business, we create a realistic action plan with real, measurable goals and scheduled achievements. The brand analysis will also help us to create a customized brand kit that will represent you for your customers. Brand establishment will start the implementation of a 90-day plan.

Step Two

We’ll emphasize your best qualities on the pages your customers are visiting.
Our team will get you set up on the social media pages most popular among your customers. You will be presented on the pages such as Facebook, Yelp, and Twitter. Your team will monitor the update of your photos and will work on design of customized logos to keep your business always looking attractive for the customers.

Step Three

With the help of content that addresses directly to your targeting group, we will create the basis of loyal customers for your business.
The writer from your team will work on replies to the posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to satisfy the customers and create engaging online conversations. The content of your page will be regularly updated with various info attractive for different people in your community. The posts will keep you interesting for your followers.

Step Four

With the help of exclusive technology, we will find your next customer and expand your business.
Advanced in-house technology used by our team will help to find potential customers in the neighborhood. Besides, they can help to attract them to join your business or become loyal customers.

Step Five

We guarantee the monitoring over your reputation 24/7, keeping your private life untouched.
The team of our specialists will manage your activity on the sites such as Yelp, Google, and TripAdvisor and answer all incoming reviews in swift and authentic manner. We will work on defend your business against unfair criticism and work on earning second chances among one-star reviewers to receive their satisfaction.

Step Six

We will provide you with the report on business growth and access to technology that helped its development.
Your Personal Manager will be a chain between you and your team to keep you informed about the work of the team and growth of the business. You will also have the access to an easy-to-use dashboard as a means to monitor the work of your representatives. Regular performance reports and monitoring dashboard will make you capable to review and administrate the work of our team before its completion.

Customer Service

Our cooperation starts as soon as you sign up with Social Media Spot. First, you get a dedicated Account Manager who will be helping you with whatever you need. The Manager can take calls, answer questions, and monitor the team providing you with regular reports about their work. Moreover, the Manager will help you to make some research and find solutions of difficult tasks. The Marketing Specialists team includes experts of online marketing strategies and social media trends. All the specialists are active and love diving into challenges. They will also help you to find unique and authentic solutions for your business issues.
Our specialists will teach you to work with posts on different social media pages. You will also learn to develop a deeper understanding of business’ brand and its meaning for the development of your business. Social Media Spot partnership gives you an opportunity to work with the team of highly qualified experts, which will lead your business to success.

Tracking Results

Regular reports on the growth of your business will help you to monitor and predict business development. Besides, we will provide you with access to technology capable to track progress in real time. Your Account Manager will keep you informed about the progress. Besides, you will have the access to the modern dashboard to check your progress with its help. We will collect data on every piece of content and every customer we deal with.

Experienced in business and management the members of your team will help you to analyze this data and create development plans based on it. Our cooperation is a piece of education for you. You will learn, work and have enough time to run your business. Your customers will see you active everywhere. As a result, you will receive better online reputation, more exposure for your business, more customers, and more free time.


  • 20 Monthly Posts
  • Selection of Social Media
  • Free monthly report
  • Quick results
  • Perfect for your first time


  • 30 Posts
  • 3 Different Media
  • Unique Content
  • For medium businesses
  • Branding & SEO Results


  • More than 60 posts monthly
  • Share on all social media accounts
  • Specific targeting based on the media/followers
  • Analytics Report per media
  • For larger business and startups

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