side imageSocial Media Spot is a social media agency specialized in PR and social media marketing. Our goal is to raise your online presence by developing and applying well planned marketing strategies. We have an individual and dynamic approach by working one on one with each of our clients, raising awareness of their brand, products or services through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
Social Media Spot successfully provides its services to beauty products businesses, entertainment, food &beverages, hospitality, lifestyle, real estate and other industries.

We are a team of creative, ambitious personas who share their passion for PR and social media marketing. In this fun but unpredictable world of internet we communicate very well using the language of hashtags, GIFS, memes, videos and photo design.

Using social media platforms as our playing field we constantly search for new challenges and adventures. Having a competitive spirit we won’t stop till our clients get tagged as “the best of the best” in their vertical.Our story was initiated by Vladimira Rosic, Belgrade University Graduate who decided to transfer her love and passion for social networking into a business. Cosmopolitan in heart, she was working in different countries utilizing her knowledge of foreign languages (English, French, Greek, Serbian ) in different niches: radio-TV communications, banking, food industry.

Working mainly in marketing departments she learned from the best and was exposed very early to the marketing battlefield. Having written her own success story Mrs.Rosic decided to combine her passion for social media and urge to help other businesses succeed into a company Social Media Spot Inc.

Her moto is :”If you love what you do, you will have the best result”. If you don’t find her surfing the internet and different social network platforms, you might bump into her enjoying Mexican food or eating a big slice of delicious New York Cheesecake.

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Social Media Spot Inc.

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