What is the first thing you notice when you open a Facebook page or a Pinterest profile? Do you trust your first impressions? Your social media platforms set up should be in a way that attracts new followers and customers at first sight. There are many aspects to pay attention to, and everything is significant! Your profile picture, your „about us“ section, your cover photo, absolutely everything. We make sure to set up your platforms optimally and that yosociaur design & info are unique and up-to-date at all times. socialprofile 2

First of all, there should be enough info about your company. People don’t like being obligated to visit too many places to find all the details they need. What they appreciate is having everything in one place, being short and precise and getting straight to the point. So, your bio or „about us“ section are very important!

We use it to inform people about your company’s location, products or services, as well as share a short overview of your business with them and provide them with contact details, such as an e-mail address, in case they don’t want to use private messages.socialprofile 1

About us section is the perfect place to add the prices or product details if applicable – we do it accordingly to the feedback we receive from the audience. If they ask about something frequently, it is a good sign that it should be on the profile.

We also take care of your pages’ ´looks.´ Your profile photo and cover should also be optimized because this is the first thing that catches your potential client’s eye. It’s not enough to find an interesting design or something related to your brand – the photos should be the right size and well-positioned on your platform. In another word, we use only high-quality photos! What you show on the picture should be associated with your product or service, so the best choice for your profile picture is your logo and, if there is a catchy phrase related to your brand, the cover photo should contain it. If possible, you should have the same profile and cover photos on all the platforms you use. The recognizable photo makes people remember you very quickly and recognize your brand wherever they go. LinkedIn is specific: we also make sure it’s set most professionally and tidily possible. A pinned post or a tweet won’t hurt either – we choose one of the most famous phrases or photos already published and pin it to the top of your profile so that new visitors on your page can see just how amazing your platform is!

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Finally, we never forget to keep your profile up-to-date. Each time there is a new product or a new service, or you want to let your audience know about some news or changes in your company, we are there to do it as soon as possible. If a price changes or service is no longer available, your clients should know about it immediately – it’s essential to keep the people updated and informed if you want to avoid unpleasant situations. You can rest confident that we’ll do all of this promptly.Your ´interests´ page should be neat as well. Interaction with other pages can be seen as something positive if you do it right. When people see what pages you liked and what pages you interact with, that can help build a positive image of your company too. We make sure you like, comment on and share the right content, in harmony with your company’s principles and your brand image. Also, if other pages like yours, and comment on your posts, it can bring you new followers and customers. Successful collaboration is important on social media too!


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