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Today, most of us can’t imagine a day without scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, liking and commenting on everything we like and discovering new, exciting profiles, happily becoming one of their followers. We probably don’t read the newspaper, but we can find out everything on Twitter. We don’t watch TV as much, but we can watch exciting things on YouTube. Pinterest and LinkedIn have also become our best friends - we are always hanging out on social media. That is our way of being up-to-date and finding out about new products, happenings, and people. How many times up to now have you heard your friend say: „Oh, you just have to see this new makeup brand I found on Instagram...“ and soon enough, you find yourself submitting your third order from their website. All thanks to their Instagram page and well organized social media marketing.

So, the question is – why businesses need social media marketing?

First of all, they represent an easy way to reach millions, even billions of people. Today, social networks are being used more and more all over the world, and it is "mission impossible" to find one person that doesn't use at least one social platform. Your active presence on social media allows your company and your brand to reach a significant number of potential clients and customers and raise brand awareness, which is very important, being the key element of advertising management and further strategy development. Increasing brand awareness is one of the best ways to promote your product or service and make your brand one of the most popular in the world. There are different ways to do it, such as social media contests where users will spread the word by sharing links from your page, which is why you should let professionals do their best and boost your brand awareness and increase your sale to a fantastic level.

There is also one more thing that will make you incredibly successful if you’re smart. Everyone says that social media is very impersonal and that it has turned us into strangers, that we don’t know who behind different profiles is, right? If your brand is actively present on social media, it gives you an opportunity to prove these people wrong. A happy customer is the one who feels appreciated, and one of the ways to do it is definitely personal communication with your fans or clients. You probably get dozens of private messages daily – inquiries about prices, working hours, locations, etc., and your customers and potential ones will feel satisfied if they get an answer from you! Even better if you don’t have an automatic response to everything and you take time to consider every message and request and reply to them like you really care. People can feel that, and they are more likely to use your service or repurchase your products.

This will also help you find your target audience and understand them very well, so you can make your products and services even better in the future or come up with new ones in order to satisfy your clients’ needs and obtain new faithful ones. Social media allows you, thanks to functional data analysis, to target and retarget your audience and share different content according to the results – you will find out if your fans love videos, articles, photos or something else, what makes them share content from your page, what makes them contact you and ask for details about your company.

These aspects can influence the sale increase in a straightforward way. Not only will your customers turn to you again instead of researching and finding new products, but also they will talk to their close ones about your company. And we all love recommendations and things that are proved to be good. Is there anyone we trust more than our friends and family?

We started with a question – why does your business need social media marketing and the answer was straightforward. Now, the only thing left to ask yourself is – what are you waiting for?

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