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How to Promote Your Event on Social Channels

How to Promote Your Event on Social Channels

One of the best ways to promote your events nowadays is definitely through social media. While sending e-mails and talking to people personally can sometimes be exhausting and too time-consuming. It is the easiest method to reach many people and spread the word about your event almost immediately.

Still, you have to do it wisely. It’s not enough to post about your event once and expect two hundred people to arrive, just like that. You have to develop a smart strategy and create a good marketing campaign if you want it to be successful. All the future events you may host can depend on your first!

Timing is everything!

Right timing is essential for everything you do, and it goes without saying. When it comes to promoting your event on social channels, you can’t start promoting your event two days before it starts and expect a great response and many visitors. What you need to do is build up people’s excitement and make them look forward to the occasion. These things take time and commitment and careful planning!

First of all, you should start with your campaign on time. Give people enough time to organize themselves and prepare for your event, but also to begin feeling the enthusiasm growing! If you get started a couple of months before the event, you will have just enough time to invest in a good campaign. There is time for sharing compelling content, giving out unique details, and helping people decide whether they want to attend. 

During that period, you will be able to include all the elements that will make your promotion a success. You can adjust the campaign to different social media platforms. You can create a logo and cover photos for the event and a unique hashtag and this way you will boost the excitement in your followers! Feel free to use the available tools to optimize the schedule of your posts reaches as many people as possible.

Different platforms – different ads

Each one of the most used social media platforms has various options that you can apply to the promotion of your event. Moreover, each one has its benefits. We will give you a couple of examples! Creating an event on Facebook is a handy thing. It gives you the chance to monitor the number of people who are attending or are interested in attending your event. Also, you can share different content with all of them at the same time or make announcements when necessary. It’s convenient and accessible among the users.

Instagram gives you an option of sending a welcome video as a DM to your new followers. The video can contain an invitation to your event. This way, you can make sure that newcomers will also be informed about the event, not just the people who have been there since the beginning.

Twitter posts are usually short and sweet, sometimes witty or mysterious. Use it to make your followers curious. Reveal some of the details of your event, but not everything – be a little bit enigmatic. You can also use your tweets to engage them in a conversation: let them guess the special guest on your event or the winner of a contest.

These are only some of the suggestions you can use in your campaign! Every platform is different, but there are also some things they all have in common, such as hashtags. Create a unique hashtag for your event and include it in every post on every platform. Also, create a logo and a cover photo that you can use to promote the event everywhere. Put the link to the event, or the info about it, in the bio in all your profiles, so it can be the first thing someone sees when they open your page. 

Remarketing is a good idea, as well. For some people, it’s not enough to learn about your event and read about it once to decide if they want to come. Sometimes they must see your ad a couple of times before making the final decision. So, investing money in sponsored ads that will appear on your followers’ home pages more than once is money well spent.

Interact with your attendees!

We made clear that it is essential to boost the enthusiasm in your followers and make them wait impatiently for your event. How can you do this? Here are a few things you can try. 

Ask for help!

Why not? There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You can invite a couple of influencers to your event and prepare thank-you boxes for them, and in return, they will promote your event on their profiles. Good collaboration is beneficial for both sides!

Organize a small contest!

We already said that Twitter is great for revealing small details about your event or asking short questions that can awake curiosity in your followers. You can prepare small awards for the ones who guess the right answer or give the best suggestion. Challenges are also a cool idea. Invite your audience to share the best selfie inspired by your brand and prepare small surprises for the most original ones that you will give out during the event.

Share their comments and impressions!

Don’t forget your previous events, if you’ve had them. Use the promotion period to remind people of how much fun you had the last time. Create a highlights video where you will share their comments, photos, and videos. Your previous year’s attendees will feel appreciated and will certainly show up again!

Follow back the loyal fans!

This one needs no further explanations. If you see that someone is delighted with your brand and is continuously sharing your content, helping you promote your event, return the favor by following them back. Show them how much you appreciate loyalty!

Finally, don’t forget to take some time after the event to go back and say thank you to everyone who participated. Also share photos, videos, and the best moments from the event. Post-event period is just as important. These posts will be intriguing for everyone who hasn’t attended, and those who have will gladly share the content, especially if they find themselves on the photos. If you filmed a „live“ from your event (and this is something you should definitely do!), this might also be a perfect time to reshare it. It is useful for those who may have missed it. Utilize your social media platforms to invite people to share their experience and impressions – engage them in some more interaction. As a closure, use all of this to write a blog post about the event and promise everyone that they will have even more fun next time!

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