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Top 10 Facebook Pages for 2019

Top 10 Facebook Pages for 2019

How do you run a booming social media account? How do you start from zero likes and gain the trust of millions of followers? How do you keep things interesting after running the profile for a while?

Social media platforms are crucial for your business nowadays because more and more people use these to get the information they need. Newspapers and T.V. are becoming old-fashioned. You can’t have great marketing and advertising if you’re not present on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other networks. And not only present – you have to be different and original to get followers. Building your army is a process no matter which of the platforms we’re talking about, and it takes time to master what works best for your audience.

As Facebook is still the most prominent social network today, we have chosen the best Facebook pages in 2019. You could learn something from their posting strategies and become one of the top pages in 2020!

1. Social Media Examiner

As this is our field of work, let’s start with Social Media Examiner. It is one of the most popular social media marketing resources and what they offer suits everyone’s needs. You can find many articles, live shows, interviews, podcasts, and other stuff on their website. Different content is what makes them attractive to various target groups. Among other things, they use their Facebook page to let people know about the conferences and other events they host. It is the best way to reach many people in a short period of time. They have also chosen this platform to post brief documentaries where they share tips, tricks, and problems that social media marketers usually face. It’s effortless to upload and watch videos on Facebook without having to use other apps. 

2. Teaching English – British Council

British Council has many pages on Facebook, and this one has the trust of almost 4 million people from different parts of the world. The reviews on the page are also great, so you wonder what their secret is? First of all, the content they share with the audience is very relevant, engaging, and useful. Many teachers have expressed gratitude in the reviews section because they have implemented some of their tips and strategies in the classroom. Also, there’s an interaction! From time to time, the admins ask questions and share common problems that teachers have to face on a daily basis. They ask for their followers’ opinions and let teachers and students exchange ideas and experiences, which is quite helpful when you have followers all over the world.

3. Tasty

Tasty is definitely the yummiest page on Facebook! With more than 95 million followers and a couple of related pages (Tasty Junior, Bien Tasty and others), Tasty is also one of the most popular. Why? Their videos are short so that you can learn a new recipe in one or two minutes – they keep up with our fast lifestyles. They offer original ideas that will make you eager to start cooking even if you didn’t like it before. You will find all the ingredients and specifications in the video, and you’ll be ready to use the recipe immediately. You will find ideas for any meal: breakfast, romantic dinner, Thanksgiving, school lunch for your kid, and so on . Nicely sorted on the page, so you don’t waste too much time searching. And if you want to exchange recipes, cooking tips or chat about Tasty, you can become a member of their Tasty community by joining the group that you can also find on the page.

4. Liverpool FC

Let’s talk about sports! When it comes to this part of our lives, it’s challenging to choose one page and say it’s the best. Each club has its official Facebook page, and they’re pretty much alike. So what do 32 million followers think is so special about this club? It’s always up-to-date! Liverpool’s page is very well taken care of when it comes to news about the team, their games, transfers and so on. You can find all the information you need in one place. They’re participating in the UCL this year so no wonder their page is popular. Anyone who’s not able to watch the games can check the scores, goals, and details about each match here on Facebook. You are also able to access the official LFC Club Store, where you can check out all the available products and purchase them.

5. Facebook Business

Twelve million people know why this page has their trust! Why not learn something useful and turn a time-waster into a time saver? You can do this if you smartly use social media. On your way home or while you’re in the gym, check out the latest news from the business world and learn some new strategies to make your business grow. As the „About“ section on this page states, it provides some useful tips and tricks when it comes to connecting with your clients and reaching your goals in your professional life. Knowing how big of a business Facebook is, we choose to listen to their advice for sure – they’re aware of how important social media marketing is today. Also, the „typically replies instantly“ message is a big plus because you know your question won’t be left unanswered!

6. L.L. Bean

For all the outsiders and adventurers around the world, this page is the perfect place to find all kinds of products that can make your experiences even more enjoyable. If you love spending time connecting with nature and your family, take a look at L.L. Bean, founded in 1912 and supported by more than a million people on Facebook! Purchase anything that will help you have a better time and more fun – clothes, footwear, bags, outdoor equipment, etc. What makes this page even more special is the „Open Jobs“ section! Are you looking for a new career opportunity? You don’t have to leave Facebook to find out what this company has to offer at the moment. If you check the „Send Me Jobs“ box, you will be informed about new job posts every time one comes up. Pretty handy, right?

7. Nutella

Do you even need us to tell you why Nutella has one of the best pages on Facebook? It’s so delicious we’re gonna die! When you go to the page, it takes you to their „Home“ section, but there is also a „Welcome“ section which is way more interesting. Just one click takes you to their wake up tips, tasty tutorials, or games! Their „Videos“ section is also full of cool DIY tutorials, breakfast ideas, and cute little ads. Vivid photos and, in general, colorful and bright page is what makes their posts shareable. Especially the ones with funny messages, some of which are well-known sayings, but with the word Nutella in them. Almost 32 million people like this cheerful page that will bring a smile to your face.

8. Lifehacker

Don’t lie to yourself. Sometimes you need your life to be at least a bit easier. Moreover, you usually think about it when it comes to little, everyday things – sometimes they are the last straw added to your troubles. However, Lifehacker is there to save the day! This page is impressive and necessary on your feed. The authors of this daily blog want to take care of your everyday problems by helping you live more efficiently, as they have stated on the page. Tips, tricks, and small hacks are what you need to communicate better with your children. Prepare an excellent dinner in no time. Find out when to buy the cheapest airplane tickets. Maximize your browsing privacy. Make money in your spare time and many more! So, what are you waiting for? Check out their Facebook page and join the community of 2.5 million followers!

9. Unicef

First of all, this page is relevant. Everyone knows what Unicef’s work is all about. Children’s welfare should be in everyone’s best interest. There are 7.4 million people who agree and who follow this page daily. What we can see on their page are news and stories from all around the world that show us the problems children face every day. We must be aware of the fact! By learning about the struggles of sick children lacking food, shelter, parents, education, and so on and by engaging with our ideas and comments on this page, we can help Unicef in their campaigns. That is what they encourage, as long as it is done harmlessly and politely. Also, there’s an opportunity to join their group and become a digital volunteer – you can help the Unicef virtual community become more prominent and stronger!

Their heartwarming ads have become the synonym for Christmas and joy. It is one of the things you can find in the „Videos“ section of the official Coca-Cola Facebook page and enjoy all of it in one place. Moreover, what is so special on their page this year? They have introduced the #BeSanta hashtag and are encouraging people to give even more this Christmas, to make someone happy and brighten someone’s day. Hopefully, this message will reach the 107 million followers they have on Facebook, and their campaign will be a total success! It isn’t the only beautiful thing they are doing – on Facebook you can read all about their charity work. Coca-Cola’s interaction with the followers is excellent, and they also have a pretty good message response time. After all, as they say in the „About“ section, their audience is what makes the page!


So, have you learned something from the featured pages? Talk about important things. Offer something new and original to your followers. Be cheerful, be up-to-date. Do provide all the necessary information, make it easy for your audience to buy your products or services, and don’t forget to reply to their comments and messages! This way you will make sure to become a part of our list next year!

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