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YouTube is a great platform to build a community, to share your content and to sell. After the Google, it is the second largest search engine. Knowing the importance of YouTube for your business you might want to implement a few new things and make several changes on your existing YouTube Channel. The Google will reward you for that by showing your content higher in their search engine. There are four tips to follow to create a successful YouTube Channel:
Even though people can create YouTube channels and upload videos without having a website, it is a significant advantage in having one. 
If you are a business owner, a website is a perfect place to provide thorough information about your business. YouTube like many other social platforms leaves the space for tags and keywords in purpose to increase the visibility. But, placing a link to your website, it brings more credibility to your business, because a website is a place where people can find out more about your services or products. 
To enhance this dual functionality of video and website, we recommend embedding the video on your site. You may put certain hashtags on the video on YouTube, and then tweak a little bit a title of the same video on the website and put a new set of keywords. What do you gain by doing this? You give to your video a double exposure by using a double set of related keywords. 
Not only that this strategy of embedding video to the website will bring you more traffic, but you may increase your revenue a little bit through the affiliate marketing (other people’s ads placed on your video). 
There are two locations you may put the link to your website. The first one is in the description section of the video, and another one is annotations on the video itself. Make sure that your story counts 300 to 350 words with relevant keywords, since these kinds of articles tend to rank higher by Google Search Engines. 
Branding is a very important aspect for YouTubers and other social media platforms. If your business doesn’t have a logo, go ahead and create one. Logo, brand colors and company’s slogan are your brand ambassadors across all social media networks, the website, and your offline presence. 
Apart from the standard branding, it is advisable to create on YouTube an intro of few seconds of length. The intro may include, for instance, the appearance of logo followed by a particular sound or/and effect. As you implement it at the beginning of every video you create, people will soon start to remember and connect it in their minds to your business. 
Always finish your video with the brand slogan and invitation to follow your Channel. 
The last, but not least, we suggest on creating a separate, trailer video for all of those who are not your subscribers. Try to put some general information about your business in it that will trigger the newcomers to jump in and subscribe to your Channel. 
It is very important to optimize for search engines your video before you upload it to YouTube. How do we do that? Before implementing any “SEO work,” it is recommended to do some online research. Make a research on certain keywords or keyword phrases to find out what people search for the most. 
That can be a good starting point in the creation of Descriptive title that will be loved, both, by people and search engines too. 
Make sure to put related keywords in the description as well. Be careful not to overload it. 
Finally, don’t forget to fill in the section provided by particular tags. This is extremely important because search engines can understand what is your video about, only through tags and the keywords from the title and the description. 
The conclusion is that SEO is as important while uploading a YouTube video as it is on a website or a blog.
One of the most important things on YouTube is to make people watch multiple videos on your Channel. More subscriptions and views, more successful your Channel will be.  
There are a couple of different ways you can make people keep coming back and watching your videos multiple times.
Once you upload an impressive number of videos, you can start to place them into different groups. All videos in one group should be related to each other. These groups are called playlists. In another word, the playlists should represent the various categories of your brand and services.  Furthermore, this will make people interested in the certain subject and keep watching the similar videos until they decide to click the stop button. So, this is a really powerful tool. 
Another way is to use a YouTube annotations, where you will place a link to the next video you want people to see. This strategy should be used sparingly when you have a really good video that would be a good fit. The link of the video placed in annotations has to be related to the main video. 
Besides uploading your best content in SEO friendly manner, implementing your branding assets and links to your website, you should keep an eye on your competition’s Channels as well. Don’t hesitate to subscribe to their Channels, thinking that this way you are just helping the competition. Your benefit is even bigger. You will learn some new interesting ideas to apply on your Channel. By seeing what works or not for your competitors, you will be able to improve your YouTube strategy. 
Follow the non-competitors as well! The successful YouTubers are passionate about their work and very innovative. From these kinds of Channels, you will learn to stay in trend by applying a new YouTube methods to your business. 
Hopefully, this blog post will help you increase your views, increase your revenue and your overall success on YouTube. 
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