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How to Create a Black Friday Campaign on Facebook

How to Create a Black Friday Campaign on Facebook

Even if you don’t admit it to yourself, you like shopping. At least a little bit, at least when there are significant discounts. Moreover, sales! Who doesn’t want deals? Also, that feeling when you finally get home and start opening your shopping bags. Only special days can make you feel this excited... Like, for instance, Black Friday! It comes right after Thanksgiving and marks the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Alternatively, rather, shopping spree! The frenzy doesn’t stop until December and the final gift exchange when everyone can relax and enjoy.

If you’re not a fan of last-minute shopping when there’s nothing left in the stores, Black Friday is an excellent opportunity for you to start buying presents for your beloved ones, but also to boost your marketing and sales! Use this special day to create a campaign that will bring you new customers and business opportunities. How? Social media, of course!

Facebook provides excellent options when it comes to online campaigns. Your only job is to investigate a little bit and find what works for you and your business. We will give you some tried and true tips on how to make this campaign successful.

Planning your Black Friday Marketing

Before Black Friday approaches, you have to take time to plan the campaign carefully. It is essential to have a clear vision of what you want it to look like because that particular day will be hectic and you won’t be able to monitor absolutely everything at every single moment. Feel free to use all the available tools to schedule and plan your posts and ads, such as content calendars and similar apps. This way you will get the best of the marketing strategy you have designed for this special shopping day. As in everything you do, it’s crucial to get started before it is too late to avoid mistakes, stress, and lack of success. Promote your sales and get people’s attention on time.

Setting the Budget

Black Friday isn’t the time to be tightfisted. If you want to earn more during this period, first you need to spend more. It is a campaign that requires some serious investment, but it will pay off if you do it right. Set a budget and make sure you have enough money to boost your ads. Have them on your audience’s home pages all the time to remind them that your products are ready for them. That is also why you need to start planning the campaign on time – budget adjusting also requires your team to think ahead and agree on the amount of money you’re ready to spend on this.

Brainstorming and Sales Ideas

Here is where you can play smartly. You know that Black Friday is just the beginning, so why not remind people of your last-minute December discounts too? You can prepare a few special offers that will be interesting enough for people to come to your store and make reservations or even buy Christmas gifts in advance. If they buy this on Black Friday, they get can a special price for that just before the Christmas holidays! Doesn’t this sound appealing? It will also help you get a good head start for your winter campaign. Make straightforward ads for these offers and enjoy the view – many people will be thrilled by this idea because they won’t have to worry about shopping. Well, until next year!

Monitoring the Ads

Make sure you have someone monitoring your success all the time. Sometimes, you will feel like you need to adjust your strategy a little bit if things are not going well. It isn’t a big deal and doesn’t be too worried, but it’s important to notice it on time. Test different ad formats to find out what works best for you and your Facebook followers. For example, the carousel ads are now proven as more efficient than regular Facebook ads because they attract more traffic to the advertiser’s website. Have this in mind and keep your ads on track – you already know who your target audience is and you know what is attractive to them. Also, please don’t forget to interact with your followers and reply to their comments and messages timely!

Ads Optimization

Today’s life is too hectic, and some people don’t even have time to turn on their computers or open their laptops. They mostly spend their online time on their mobile phones. That is why you should optimize your ads for mobiles too! Make sure you invest in this type of optimization because people will most likely skip advertisements that don’t load well on their smartphones. Please pay particular attention to images and adjust their size and format. Your campaign should look good both on desktops and mobile phones because you never know where you will find your next customer.

Creativity Rocks

Be witty! If you have fun slogans and images, you will undoubtedly attract more people to your sale. Black Friday is a happy day so don’t make your campaign too seriously. People do remember funny ads that they read on social media and, even better, they share them on their profiles, comment on them or tag their friends to see them. If you’re creative enough to make a meme for your campaign, your success is guaranteed because your followers will love it!

Cyber Monday

Don’t forget about Cyber Monday. Black Friday will bring people to your stores, but online shopping is something that’s becoming more and more popular every day. It’s not a surprise, though – we usually don’t have enough time to go grocery shopping because of our busy lives, let alone anything else. So, Black Friday can also be an excellent introduction to your Cyber Monday sales. Your customers will have the weekend to get some rest and get ready for some online orders on Monday. Let them know about your offers and discounts in advance so they can use the weekend to make wish lists as well.

As you can see, 80% of your work is careful planning. Create a strategy, be ready to invest in it, put together a good team that will work hard to get the best of the campaign. Announce all your discounts and promotions on time. Be ready to change your tactic if it’s not working (or, have a plan B) and charm your target audience with funny and witty slogans and different types of ads: videos, pictures, and gifs. Make sure you spend enough time on optimization of each one of the mentioned because it’s the only way you will create a very successful Facebook campaign and you will also be prepared for any of your next challenges!

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