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10 Ideas for Halloween to Boost Your Marketing

10 Ideas for Halloween to Boost Your Marketing

October means fall, and fall means one beautiful thing: the holiday season is approaching! The weather is getting colder, the drinks are getting hotter, and people are starting to experience more and more shopping fever symptoms every day!

So, this may be right timing to think of some new ideas when it comes to your business. The first holiday ahead of us is Halloween, an attraction for both kids and adults, because who doesn’t love a beautiful, spooky story to give you chills while you’re eating your caramels? Almost everyone enjoys Halloween sweets, traditions and pumpkin carving while trying to scare each other every step of the way.

Now, let’s get serious. If you are a grown-up person and you want to focus on your business instead of going trick-or-treating, you can definitely make use of this holiday to boost your sales and marketing, and we will tell you exactly how you can do it through your social media accounts (and still have some fun in the process)!

Fun design - Fun results!

Why shouldn’t your social media platforms have their costumes? Halloween is the time to use your creative power to the max. First of all, create a Halloween logo for your brand by adding some spooky elements such as spider webs, black cats or skeletons or by turning it entirely into something scary. If possible, your whole account should have a unique holiday theme – add orange and black and a few pumpkins here and there if you’re out of fresh ideas. You can even turn buttons into little spiders. Exciting, new design will bring people to your page and make them stay longer and explore your special effects!

Slogans that improves marketing

We are sure you can think of a funny slogan that has to do with Halloween, and that will also announce your new product or service or remind people of an old one. For example, if you have a makeup studio and you want to start teaching a new class, invite people to come and learn new fantastic makeup trick(or-treat)s! What you can also do is turn your old slogan, if you have it, into a Halloween phrase, at least during the last two weeks of October. Just try to imagine all the creative things you can say about a pumpkin spice latte! Alternatively, if you’re offering a service to your customers, you should tell them that with you, there are no tricks, only treats!

Organize you own contest

You want to engage your audience in your pages’ activities. There are so many ways to do it. One idea is to organize an online contest, remember that everyone likes to compete and, of course, to win! You can have your audience share their best Halloween costumes or photos of carved pumpkins. You can host a contest for the best slogan for one of your products or have people rename your products to give them spookier names. You can invite people to write the scariest Halloween short story involving your brand, and really, the list is endless. Of course, you should think of a symbolic gift that your contestants could win: a bag of Halloween sweets, a nice discount for your products or services, or a voucher. The contest can be different for each one of your social media platforms: Twitter is the best for short horror stories, you can use Pinterest to vote for the most creative Halloween inspired board, sharing the photos of the best costume with a cool hashtag on Instagram, and so on. The number of likes can decide the winners!

Have people share their own experiences!

If you want to interact with your followers and hear their stories and ideas, it doesn’t have to be a contest. People love to talk about themselves anyway, so you can invite people to share their best, worst or scariest Halloween experiences, costumes, photos or childhood memories about this holiday. The last one can be fascinating, because this is mostly children’s holiday, so people love to reminisce about the old days. We are sure there would be plenty to laugh about if they try to remember the times they got scared or they played a joke on someone else. They will keep returning to your page to check the number of likes they got and increased interaction with your audience will undoubtedly bring you more likes and shares.

Create a Halloween game!

Creating a game is another way to boost the interaction on your page. Create a short, exciting video game that people can play on your profile, just like those cute Google games we all play once in a while when there is a special occasion. You can even prepare the individual awards for top 5 players. If this is too complicated, there’s always a chain story people can make up together leaving comments on your page. They can try to resolve a spooky Halloween mystery as well! Either way, it can be entertaining and will make people tell their friends about your page for sure!


Why not? Everyone loves hashtags, and almost every social network uses it. You can start a new one, that has to do with your brand, and that will sound interesting to your audience. Hashtags spread very quickly, especially if you promote it and invite people to share something in particular with it. After you do that, you should monitor what they’re posting using your hashtag and give out some likes and comments! Choose the most interesting posts and share them on your pages, especially if they’re good Halloween costume or decoration ideas!

Prepare some Halloween discounts!

Holidays are a great motive to start feeling generous! Choose a couple of products or services and surprise your customers with some special Halloween offers and discounts! You can give them out to the fastest ones who leave comments or guess the secret meaning behind a photo or something similar – don’t make it too easy to get! You can use all of your social media channels to promote your discounts and reach a significant number of people. Cross-promoting on social platforms is an excellent intro for Thanksgiving and Christmas discounts – your followers will undoubtedly come back to get one of those too!

Share interesting blog posts on Halloween party ideas!

Anyone hosting a Halloween party will need fresh ideas when it comes to costumes, decorations, and recipes if they want to be unique and make their party memorable. It can be your opportunity to help them by writing and sharing exciting blog posts where you will reveal some delicious new recipes for Halloween themed food, simple DIY decorations that don’t require too much time and original costumes that will make your followers feel one of a kind!

Prepare a scary Halloween video to promote your products!

Make people interested in your brand by making a spooky video and sharing it on your social media channels. You know how we all love Coca-Cola Christmas ads? They’re usually emotional and cute. Well, nothing is stopping you from creating a fresh new Ad inspired by Halloween, where you will advertise your products or services funnily and scarily. People love a good scare as much as they love emotional videos. This ad will make people remember your business even better, and if your idea is perfect and witty, your audience will post it to their social media and tell their friends about it!

10)     Team up with another business and throw a party!

It is the ultimate Halloween campaign because everyone likes to party! Organize an event where you will be able to use all of the ideas from above. If you don’t think you can make it on your own, you can always team up with another business and throw a party together. This way, you can play different games with your guests, you can have different contests and choose the best costumes and give away small treats, such as sweets or discounts, to say thank you for showing up. It requires a good promotion of the event on all of your social media platforms a couple of weeks in advance, but it can be a success! Not only do you have the opportunity to advertise your products and services face to face, but you’re bringing all of your people together and giving them another nice thing to remember you by.

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