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How To Get More Followers On Facebook

How To Get More Followers On Facebook


Yes! We all do want more followers and likes on our profiles and business pages. It is in human nature to want to be recognized and accepted. Acceptance and recognition from society, in general, make us feel safe, frees our ambition and boost the courage to express ourselves. 

On the other hand, when it comes to business pages, people subconsciously trust businesses with more followers. It is because such a pages must provide a value in order to gain people's trust and devotion. 

There are several ways to get more followers on a Facebook business page:


Especially if your page is a brand new, you might need a little help of your friends. After creating a business page, you may invite your friends to like it (at least those who are close to you and most probably would accept the invitation).  Later on, as you provide more value try inviting the rest of the people connected to you personally. 

Share your page on your personal profile with a caption saying that the page belongs to you and  would love your friends to see what it is about.

Maybe some of your friends haven't seen the invitation, so you can always share with them the link to the page in messenger with a more personalized message to follow.


Another great way to increase your following is by promoting the business page through Ads Manager or the tab on the left-hand side of the home page. All you have to do is to determine a budget, set your target audience and the length of your promotion. By choosing this type of Ad, Facebook automatically shows it to the people that are most likely to click on your ad and became a follower. They give you an option to set your budget on daily basis (with an estimate of possible likes) or on  a life time basis. 

We advise you to carefully choose the photo of your ad since the visual is the one that will drive attention at  the first place. The photo should represent your business and have brand colors and company‚Äôs  slogan as well. If you already have a website you may link to it during the ad creation. In that case, a Facebook will automatically pool up some info from your website as a caption of the Ad. Nevertheless, if you don't like the text suggested by the Facebook you might add your own. You can read more about Facebook Ads in one of our previous blog posts.  Follow the progress of your Page Promotion in analytics section of Ads Manager. There, you will get a useful information on how the promotional   ad is performing (CPC-cost per click). If the cost per gained page like is too high you can always cancel the ad and take a second look at the target audience set up. In case your ad is performing very well but you decide that don't want to spend any more of your budget on collecting new page likes, there is an option to pause it and reactive it some other time.


We are all overwhelmed with different information that we receive every day on social platforms and all over the internet. Do your best to be noticed and stand out from the crowd. How do you do that? Make sure to have consistency in your posting. If you can post at least once a day would be great! If not, three or four times per week would work too but be consistent. Remember, you are representing your company and building its' image on social networks. With consistency in your posting, you send the message that your business is reliable, creating that way a comfort zone for your audience which is your potential customers. 

Don't post just for sake of posting. Your content should provide value. Think of what your audience would like to learn from your business, give them the answers and make them want to come back for more. 

If you run out of ideas, you may always simply ask the people what would else would they like to know about your products or services. 

And the last, but not least, make sure to design a great visual for your content. Beware of copyrights in order to avoid possible problems and keep it original. There are so many easy to use tools for creating fantastic visuals, suitable for all of us that are not professional designers. 


If you have created a Facebook Page for your business it is the most probable that you have business accounts on some other social platforms. Let your audience in other networks know that you have opened a Facebook Page and invite them politely to check out what your business has to offer on FB. Again, create a great picture that promotes your Facebook page and make sure to implement a link to the page. 

In Bio section of each of your accounts on other social platforms, there is always a space to put a valuable info of your business. Use this space wisely and implement the links of your other social accounts.  If you want to boost up the process, even more, you can always offer a great deal to your audience on your cross promoting post, like:"Follow us on Facebook and redeem 10% off coupon for your next purchase". 


There is another online space to promote your Facebook and other social media accounts. It is your website. Ask your web developer if you can't do it yourself to place the plugins of your social accounts to your website. This has a double benefit: 1. Promoting your accounts and 2.Driving traffic to your website since the plugins create automatically backlinks to your website.

When it comes to offline promotion, there are various ways to announce your Facebook and other pages. 

On your business cards

Footer of business email

Decals on company's vehicles

Any other offline advertisement or promotion (vinyl banners, flyers, billboards  etc)

On the packages of your products

Entrance door  Facebook stickers (for local businesses)

Basically, anywhere else where traditional printing is applied. A great printing company offering a high-quality service and affordable prices to check out is AllstateBanners Corp.


Every beginning is difficult. Love and believe in what you do and the result will come sooner or later. Be persistent because nothing worth has happened over night.  Providing the value and consistency will eventually make you the leaders in your niche. 

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