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Benefits of Facebook Advertising


Facebook was launched in February, 4th, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow students in Harvard University. The initial purpose of Facebook was to connect the students on campus, which eventually grew into leading social network that counts more than 6.5 billion users.

From this impressive number of users, 50 millions are business pages. It is well known that Facebook along with other social networks provides brand recognition for businesses, as well as building relationship of trust with current and potential customers. Numerous pages successfully sell their products or services directly from Facebook. Since this platform is little overloaded, business pages are “forced” to pay for the ad in order to be seen and brought in front of targeted demographics.
There are many types of FB ads depending on the goal and final vision.


This is one of the basic Facebook ads. Since now, in 2017, the organic reach has practically died it is good to provide a small budget for gaining a new page likes, especially if your page is brand new. You are able to choose demographics of your target group by pointing the area they live, interests and even annual revenue(if this information is relevant for your business). 


The purpose of this ad is to provide engagement to the post itself. It is created directly on timeline section with a goal to “push” the post into the fans’ newsfeed and their friends as well. You can send this post to the people you choose through targeting but it is not highly recommended because the cost per click (CPC) is pretty high which is pointless.


This ad is very similar to the Boost Post as it brings engagement to the post. The only difference is that is made in Ad Manger section which allows it to have more targeting options than the ad made from timeline.


Clicks to Website ad is made to drive traffic to any chosen external website if you don’t have Facebook Pixel code installed. FB Pixel is tiny piece of code placed in a header section of your website that is used for tracking activity sent from Facebook to the particular page.


If you have installed Facebook App for same game or any other program that can stand alone, ad for App Installs can help to promote it and gain visibility.


Ad for App Engagement is somehow subcategory of App Installs ad. You can use it when you want to make the users of the app to engage more, to show activity.


This type of ad will show only on the right side bar and is used if you create some event relevant to your business and want to promote it.


You can create an ad for the offer you made directly from the timeline of your page or from Ads Manager area. It is meant to promote your offer and it is advisable to do so.


With this type of ad you target the people who have clicked on your ad previously. It is run by a third party such as Ad Roll and Perfect Audience.

Facebook Ad Placements


This is the ad that appears in the newsfeed section and reaches both desktop and mobile users. These ads have higher click through rate and should have a Facebook page linked to it.


If you noticed a sponsored ads at the right side bar on your Facebook, it is the place where your ad will show , if you indicate so. The only limitation is that these ads are visible on desk top only.


Since Instagram is Facebook’s child the relevant ads are set up to show in Instagram automatically. If you choose your ad not to be visible on Instagram too, you can always remove this option. It will save you some money as well. 


Terms in Reports


It is a number of people that saw your ad. The reach differs from impression because it counts only unique people that your ad was shown to.


Indicates how many times your ad was shown to Facebook user. One user can see the ad multiple number of times depending how many times he was logging in during your campaign. 


It is actual number of clicks that happened anywhere on the ad. One person (your fan for example) can click many times on different areas of ad and you will get charged every time a click occurs.

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