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The 10 Best Facebook Pages in 2016

Rhythm of life is too fast nowadays. People being preoccupied with their jobs and carriers barely have any free time left for themselves and their families.
Socializing with friends , visiting relatives in other states or countries is a privilege of a very little. The time indeed became race after money! Yet, socializing with other people is in human nature. It is essential for healthy psychological development of human being.
Social media platforms are there to connect people. How many of you have found out there an old love, schoolmates, ex colleagues, long lost relatives etc.? This is when we speak on personal level. Social media platforms are very beneficial for businesses as well: providing brand recognition, spreading the word about new products and services and building relationship of trust between them and current and potential customers. 
The biggest of all social media platforms is still Facebook. It has over 1.65 billion active users every month, among which are 50 million businesses. 
It is a big competition out there, isn’t it?
Today we’ve chosen the top 10 in our opinion most interesting Facebook pages in 2016.
Starbucks has always an unique way of presenting their products. Coming up with constant fresh ideas, they say their story clearly through the picture. Starbucks company has implemented into their Facebook strategy a location tab. Clicking on this tab a visitor of Starbucks page is able to see all their locations and distances  compared to their current IP address . They are very responsive to the messages as well (it takes usually an hour to respond). 
National Hockey League celebrate this year a 100 years of existence. Their Facebook page has impressive 4.3 million people liking it. The highlight of their page is a tab with event calendar for all the games in 2016/2017 hockey season. Clicking on the tab, people can actually download the whole program on computers or cell phones along with a reminder before the beginning of each game. 
3.Tough Mudder
For all of you that like tough games in the mud this is  definitely the page to check out. Tough Mudder has over 4.2 million likes and there is a reason why people like it. Authenticity and vividness of photos literally makes you want to be a part of a game. Having a sign up tab featured makes it is easy to register for any of numerous events they organize.
4.St.Jude Children's Research Hospital
This page did definitely touch the hearts of most of us. With a slogan: “Finding Cures. Saving Children” on the cover page along with a photo of actual  patient, the cutest little girl, it softens our hearts and awakes the deepest sympathy emotions right away. Since the page is about charity, the featured tab is donation. Besides, they organize different sports activities and other events as a fund raisers. People like helping others for good cause.
Nutella  has amazing 31.8 million likes. The interesting thing about this page is that it is set up to show in the language of the country you are logged in. They have their unique way to present their product on million different ways. Nutella organizes on their Facebook page different competitions , keeping their audience always craving for more.
6.Burth's Bees
If you like a natural beauty products from tip to toe you will love Burt’s Bees Facebook page. Each one of their  posts is linked, either to certain page of their website or particular  blog post, always packed with very useful  info. Burt’s Bees are very creative in photo design finding always the most unexpected and original way to promote their product. One of the featured tabs and the most favorite is the one with coupons. 
L.L. Bean has this very cute way to bring into connection their products with nature and animals.  Being a big company with a lot of locations, they make sure to feature all of them at store location map on their Facebook page.  They also have an Open Jobs tab where anyone who believe that meets their job necessities can apply. 
Another great page that makes connection to the nature is Zappos. Besides that, their creativity is to be admired because they are able to pick up just about any current story or happening and bring it somehow to connection with their own product. Of course, a big company like this one will feature their work opportunities on Facebook page as well. They are very responsive to the messages (just a few minutes) and people love it! Everyone loves being recognized!!
This page it is all about art. Threadless is an  art based community that makes, buys and supports great art. Buying anything from their Facebook page or website you actually support the artist that created the particular piece. On every blog and Facebook post, even cover page as well , they don’t miss the opportunity to showcase their products on one very unique, artistic way.
10.Interpid Travel
And last but not least – there is  Interpid Travel’s Facebook page. It is a travel agency from Melbourne, Australia, that won the sympathy from a lot of people from all around the Globe. The characteristic of this page is implementation of interesting  blog posts about the most exotic destinations around the world along with beautiful vivid photos to add to the story. If you have travelled with them and used their services you can leave a review on a custom designed review app  on their Facebook page. 
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