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Pinterest is one of the most popular and handy social networks. It is mainly a “female platform” since there is a little over 79% women users. Statistics say that 88% of products featured on Pinterest people actually purchase. It is the second fastest growing network and therefore deserves a special attention of the businesses.

In this article, you will read about several simple ways on how to improve visibility and engagement of your Pinterest content.

Let’s suppose that you have perfectly set up your Pinterest business page, follow our suggestion on how to boost your engagement making a few little changes in your strategy:


Cover image for each board should clearly speak for itself - what is the board about. As you already know, many people will decide to follow a certain board they are interested in, rather than your whole business page. We suggest you choose brand colors for your cover images with triggering title that will make the user wonder what this board has to offer. Also, good idea is to move occasionally your most successful boards to the front line in order to be even more exposed and gain even more engagement.

The perfect size when creating a cover page for the board is 236px X 111px in JPG.format. There are many great design tools out there, easy to use by non-designers and our suggestion would be to check out Canva.


Your image on Pinterest should stand out, catching the peoples’  attention in the ocean of images. There are main four principles to follow when designing Pinterest visual:

•    Always choose the colors that look good together

•    The text should follow single alignment

•    Use the spacing to drive attention on the most important part of the image

•    Don’t forget to brand the image with your logo and/or your website’s URL

Images with an aspect ratio 2:3 look the best on this platform.


It is excellent to create your own images and share the content from your website or blog,  but sometimes it's just not enough. As we should upload a fresh content every day, a multiple numbers of times, eventually our own material would not be enough. Surf the internet and find interesting stuff related to your niche. There are few handy tools to help you organize the posts you find on the internet. One of our favorites is Pocket. It saves the webpage you are on, so you can later successfully share it on Pinterest, Twitter, and other platforms. All you have to do is sign up and choose the plan that works for you. We find it totally all right using their free plan till you get comfortable with their dashboard.

Another tool that will make your life much easier on Pinterest is a Viraltag. It is a scheduling tool that helps you automatically upload your pins at the desired time. Viraltag will lead you to connect to Google Analytics and if you do have one, please connect because it will give you a more analytical picture of what is going on with your Pinterest business account.


Infographics do very well on Pinterest. People like to see the whole information on one place not having to click on the links to find out what is the next step. Infographics have Pinterest friendly size as well. There are some great tools out there to create infographics. Our all time favorite is Canva. They have a lot of free templates to choose from and all you have to do is to adjust them and tell your story. Another one to check out is Piktochart.


Always choose a catchy headline that will trigger the people to take a closer look. Supposedly, you would like to present a new product from your website…Attention grabbing headline will do a half of the job to lead the people to the final destination which is a certain page of your website. Don’t forget to include links.

In the description section describe what is the page about. The description is more about the page that the image. It is recommended to include a clear CTA (Call To Action). It can be something like: “Visit the website here”.


By optimizing your website for Pinterest people that visit your website can pin images from it that will help to increase a traffic and sales. There are few ways you can perfect the website to be Pinterest friendly:

•    Add share buttons to your website. It will help people to share your images with just one click. This will be considered as original pinning and not repining. Original pins drive a big amount of traffic since there are only 20% of original pins on Pinterest. This you will achieve by adding Pin It button

•    Add images: images should be at least 100x200 pixels in size in order to be pinned.

•    Label images: Images get labeled with Alt Text(Alternative Text). This is the text that appears when you hover your cursor over the image. The same text appears automatically as a description of the image when someone pins it. So, make sure to write a good Alternative Text on the images that will drive traffic back to your website.

•    Add Follow Buttons: Some people will decide that they want to follow you on Pinterest and therefore is good to have a Follow Button


Pinterest Ads are easy to run and is perfect if you want your pins to stand out of crowd and get fast following and engagement. You can set up your promotion in the Ads section of the page and wait to see how well your promotion performs. If not satisfied you can always turn it off or if you see that conversion is high and fulfills your expectation you may invest more into it.

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