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For the time being, as the social networking became a part of our lives, everyone is influenced by someone. People connect with each other and exchange their stories and experiences. There are always some people that from their nature manage to stand out and position themselves as the “leaders of the tribe.” Those people, we admire, listen and trust. They are the influencers!

On the other hand, the world is overwhelmed with various marketing and advertising strategies of the companies and brands trying to, by any means, convince the people that their life will improve by purchasing their product or service. Because of the consumers’ world being too pushy, people became suspicious about the benefits of the product, or furthermore, thinking if they have been taken advantage of.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and much more are the places where users meet, not only to socialize with each other and exchange experiences but to find the new product, brand or service.  Besides, all of us like to take into consideration other people’s opinion and expertise.

The studies have shown, that consumers rather trust other consumers’ opinion than the advertising campaign of the company that launches it.

As we previously mentioned, there are some people among us whose voice is stronger than others, and they are more likely to influence our decision on purchasing some new product or trying a new service. It is because of, as human beings, we tend to trust more the opinion of our family and friends rather than some mechanism that is trying to persuade us to give out our money. On the other hand, the influencers are people that we can identify ourselves with. They are ones of us, and we trust them.

So, there we go! A mouth to mouth and new marketing method is born: influencers marketing!

Many companies with smart advertising strategies have carefully followed the pulse of their consumers and decided to implement influencer marketing into their strategy. There are three different types of influencers:

-    Macro-influencers

-    Micro- Influencers

-    Brand ambassadors

There are major differences between the three groups. Get to know the key features of each of them to decide which one is right for you.


They are usually celebrities: actors, singers, entertainers, athletes or politicians. While deciding whom to engage with, whether the right choice for you are, macro- influencers, micro- influencers or brand ambassadors, you have to clarify your goals first. What do you want to achieve? Is it a reach and brand awareness or conversion.

Macro-influencers may provide you with much higher range than micro-influencers but significantly lower conversion rate. Therefore, the big brands and companies, when launching a new product and service choose the work with this group to spread the word effectively and fast.

If you are capable of spending tens till hundreds of thousands of dollars and macro influencing meets your goals, the only thing left to do is to reach them out. We will write about how to reach the influencers in some of the following paragraphs.

Don’t forget; this cooperation is not all about you. The influencers will accept to work for you to their benefit. Having built reputation and fame, they will be very careful in choosing with whom they want to work. Is your brand, product or service helping them to reinforce their name or position or on the other hand is it harmful to their personal brand. They  monetize their services through every shout out about your business (tweet, post, video or blog)


Micro-influencers are more affordable and probably more efficient if your goal is a conversion. They “control” smaller communities and have higher engagement rate with their audience which results in stronger influence among them. What does it mean for your business? It means that your product or service will be seen, trusted and eventually purchased, because micro influencers have stronger and more intimate bond with their audience. Usually one shout out by micro influencers costs somewhere from five hundred to a few thousand dollars. Sometimes, they will agree to work with you in exchange for your free products. Remember, you have to build the relation of trust with your influencers before starting to work with them.

Another important thing to note…Not every influencer is fit for your business. You must do your research to choose who is relevant to spread the word about your product, brand or service. The number of followers on the social network is not the only indication. Pay attention to how much they engage with their audience and whether you can recognize among their supporters your potential customers.

Make the chosen influencer love your brand. First, you have to persuade him/her why your service or product will help them change their life, for them to pass the message further


Brand advocates are your strongest and real fans. They already love your product and service and are willing to advertise you without expecting anything in return. They genuinely love your brand and will present it to their families and friends in the most authentic and persuasive way. They don’t expect monetary compensation for their shout outs; they do it because they want it. From your side, you should show some appreciation by mentioning them on your social accounts, inviting them to your events or introducing them to your new products or services before the initial launch.

How will you recognize your brand advocates? Analyze your social networks to find out who are the people the most engaged with your posts. What do they comment and share? Check out the reviews on Google and read what people write about your business. The ones that vigorously and positively feel about your brand are your brand ambassadors.


Where will you find the micro influencers? Surfing the internet by yourself without a particular plan and strategy is like looking for a drop of water in the ocean. Fortunately, there are several good platforms out there to reach the influencers. The principles are organized by categories the influencers belong to, according to their interests, professions, and hobbies. Once you spot the right ones for your business, you should start with the strategy on approaching them. The good idea is to follow their social media accounts initially. Show your interest in what they are posting about by leaving a comment or share their content. It is the whole timely procedure. Get them notice you. Secondly, when you establish some relation, reach them out by e-mail and introduce your brand, product, and service leaving a space and a message for future partnership.

The platforms to check out are BuzzSumo, Group High and Little Bird.


Influencer marketing has arrived to stay for a long time. It is an efficient method for the businesses to enlarge their sales but needs a strategic, gradual approach to bring the results.

As we mentioned above, working with the influencers has to benefit the both sides.

If you believe that you are one of the influencers in your community, you may contact us on our website complete the form provided. We will be in touch and connect you with matching client of ours for future partnership. 

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